ERIKA LARVA, Founder & President
Artistic Director | Show Producer | Stylist | Choreographer
As show producer, Erika collaborates with design and technical teams to oversee artistic direction, casting, styling, choreography, and unexpected challenges in between.
She engineers a positive environment, and meticulously directs each event to deliver a memorable adventure for both clients and her team.
Featured in KA Magazine as the  “Best of Canada” in her métier, Erika has been working behind the scenes to create fabulous shows for the past 25 years.
“My mandate is to produce dynamic experiences that unify brand with product, to infuse life into the client’s vision.” – KA Magazine, April 2010

After all these years, my work still excites me and continues to wow me. I am inspired by all the wonderful, interesting and creative people I have the opportunity to meet – I feel privileged to collaborate with so much talent.
I love my work – I even appreciate the element of frenzy that often accompanies live events with unexpected challenges to make “things happen”. We quickly adapt in an environment where last minute changes are often necessary. We only get one chance to get it right, there is no “take 2,3….”
My commitment is to create an environment of good energy & positive vibes, to see the big picture and to pay attention to the smallest details, resulting in fantastic experiences for our clients and our audiences.   
I admire effortless style and elegance and I trust my intuition. I look forward to my morning coffee and I add chilli peppers to just about everything!