Beau•fille, [bo-fee] n.Adjective 1. Handsome girl 2. A person that exhibits an effortlessly chic demeanour and uniqueness of style 3. The combination of masculine/feminine, hard vs soft Noun/ 1.  Canadian ready-to-wear and accessories line founded by sisters Chloe & Parris Gordon 2. Handmade artisans luxury.
Erika & I had the honour of shopping at Beaufille with the Brands Designers, sister duo Chloe & Parris, who provided us with their personal attention. The desire to own each piece from their collection was irresistible.
We selected several statement pieces, but as usual, Erika & I ended up with one garment that is the same  – A  fabulous coat that reminds us of a modern chic long grey hoody.
We love to wear and support our Canadian Designers!